World of VR

What is a virtual reality (VR)? Virtual Reality offers us a possibility to experience the world that has been beyond our reach until now. Thanks to the Virtual Reality we can EXPERIENCE situations and places that we would never come across otherwise. It is called immersion.

Special films and applications give a chance to move the audience in the very middle of a story or a place to which we want to draw their attention.

What is the purpose of it? VR is entertaining and it is a great event special – experiencing stunning emotions during a fast roller-coaster ride, a flight 3 km over the ground or diving with sharks. VR is a 3D drawing or entering inside a computer game, also together with friends.

VR is also a new communication and professional marketing tool thanks to which the relation between the customer, the brand and the product has never before been so close.

VR offers unlimited opportunities of creating art, cultural assets and participating in cultural and sport events.

VR is also about education – learning and experiencing the world has never been so fascinating and efficient – a student can take an active part in the process they are being acquainted with, enter the worlds that are new for them, experiment in a safely manner. The created world of VR guarantees full concentration – in what other way can we here and now learn about the construction of pyramids or see with our own eyes the Solar System?

How to watch virtual reality? Put on virtual reality goggles (e.g. Samsung Gear VR or HTC Vive), look around and drift off. 360 degrees films can also be displayed on a regular PC by moving the screen view with a pointer or on a smartphone (e.g. through YouTube or Facebook).

 200th anniversary of the University of Warsaw – an example of a 360 degrees film