Showtime VR

Warsaw, 29.08.2016 – World of VR, a Polish start-up was the first one in Poland and one of the first in Europe to release an offer of synchronic virtual reality shows for any number of recipients.

Within the framework of its showroom the agency World of VR took to other worlds more than 70 representatives of the leading PR and event agencies, organisers of fairs, international and non-governmental organisations. The marketing experts had a chance to test the best equipment for virtual reality shows, see the agency’s productions and think about the possible use of that new medium in communication between the recipient and the client. Thanks to the Showtime VR solution virtual reality surpasses the entertainment and as a new medium captures clients of marketing communication, business presentations or education.

We do not show virtual reality, but we simultaneously take any number of recipients to the worlds that have been inaccessible for them before. We let them experience situations and places that they would never be able to visit – says Jan Szczycinski, the president of the start-up World of VR.

The application Showtime VR, created by World of VR, was launched last week. The solution enables to present virtual reality materials and 360° videos to 5, 10 or even 100 recipients simultaneously. Up to now a synchronic VR film show or 360° business presentation was impossible to hold. Showtime VR opens new paths of experiencing virtual reality.